The Final Details- 1876 Gown

The guts

Welcome to a quick visual tour of the inside of my completed 1876 gown in silk faille. As a dressmaker I LOVE these types of glimpses of the actual inner working of a gown. They help me learn new and exciting techniques I can apply to my own creations. And who doesn’t love to grow in their craft? (Well, it’s the high I personally chase at the very least!)

The completed insides of my 1876 gown
Inner dress hem

Have there been nicer duster trims? Yes, most definitely. But this one is doing the job of protecting the hem of the dress, all with a bit of elegance from the pleated cotton muslin and loosely stitched ribbon.

This balayeuse is very simply gathered strips of hemmed cotton sewn to a cotton base in the shape of the train. It protects the train of the dress that would otherwise be dragging on the ground getting dirty and torn. It’s removable (hooks and eyes) so it can be washed.

Here you can see the boning arrangement I went with. It’s relatively typical, except for a line of boning I added at the back of the buttons. This was a personal choice over accuracy since they seemed to be collapsing otherwise.

You can also see the final lace neckline trim. It’s attached to a ribbon that is loosely sewn to the lining of the gown.

Hope you found this helpful for your own making adventures!

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